Cancel Culture Doesn’t Exist

1 min readJan 18, 2022

Yeah, you read the title right.

The anti-woke crowd online love to talk about this supposed phenomenon that’s eating creatives in Hollywood for being “not left enough,” or whatever language they’re using these days. But then the world will jump at the chance to rehabilitate literal abusers like Joss Whedon.

When are we going to stop worrying about the careers and lives of Joss and people like him? When are we going to pay more attention to the victims? The people hurt?

I don’t care what you think about Zack Snyder. I know I’m not his biggest fan. But what I can say in this article is that he cared about his team and the way they were treated when his cut of Justice League was being filmed. I can’t say that about Joss! And that’s to say nothing about the teams on his other projects, like Buffy.

It’s time to stop trying to rehabilitate people who don’t want to hold themselves accountable. That’s energy that could be spent on hyping up newer and better talent. That’s also energy that could be spent on rallying around the victims so they know they’re supported in this industry. That’s what I want from both fans and media moving forward.



And I stand with everyone else he hurt, too.




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